We love diverse films & television

At Capital Media, we believe that film & television have a central role to entertain and inspire the global village: the more diverse the content, the more enriching it is.



Capital Media is a Mauritian & Australian creative production house: we love developing and producing projects that tell great stories.

As a responsible producer, we give equal attention to the creative content, our audience and the returns on each production. This philosophy is embedded from the development stage; always having the end in mind.

“When it comes to diversity, if you are not part of the solution, you are certainly part of the problem.”

David Oyelowo – Actor (Selma, The Butler, The Queen of Katwe,
A United Kingdom) at the London Film Festival 2016.


Creative Producers

Capital Media’s strength lies with its incubation and access to original ideas. We are producer for film, documentaries and television for a worldwide distribution.

Film Funding Portfolio

Capital Media has access to a portfolio of international equity and acts as a consultant for its clients with regards to their investment in the media industry.

Production Services

Other than coming up with new ideas and concepts, Capital Media, with the support of its producing partners, can manage and service other productions.